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Don’t Overlook Entrepreneurs That Seek Employment

HR is the often the determining factor of someone gaining employment. However , many HR departments are not properly educated to remove their own bias from the interview process. Those that choose conversations for interviews often have more of an opportunity to interject their own preferences instead of identifying qualified candidates. This behavior may become more exaggerated when an entrepreneur interviews for a position. Here’s a few reasons to take another look at them.

  1. Entrepreneurs are well connected. Most entrepreneurs have a strong network. They are not scared to make necessary calls and emails that others may not desire to do or overlook.

  2. Entrepreneurs are positive minded. They are willing to be more optimistic because they often have more developed skills in this area due to self employment.

  3. Entrepreneurs are personable. They are used to pitching consistently and tend establish needed rapports better than those who have never been self employed. In other words, they have more practice.

  4. They are high functioning. Due to the multitasking nature of entrepreneurship, they are often not rattled by limited resources or tight deadlines.

As the need for qualified staff grows, do not count out an entrepreneur because of personal bias. If your team needs help in this area, let’s connect for a training session.

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