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What's New in Learning & Development

Learning and development is a necessary part of ANY organization. There is not one that is exempt. As many seek to to expand their reach from their communities to global, it is important that learning concepts match the needs of today.

We are in a hybrid market. Organizations are reimagining their spaces as the battle of work from home goes one. Because of such, , organizations must keep those in the office and those at home engaged in the mission and vision to remain successful and vertical. This means creating on-demand learning opportunities for stakeholders. The benefits are that one can check for understanding and see exactly who is participating. For the learner, it provides the opportunity to acquire skills, motivation and other needs at a reasonable pace.

2. Learning can be boring. L&D departments often work to create flash content that many go to sleep on or miss altogether. Learning content must be engaging and interactive. Do not just include the usual "think-pair-share" techniques. This often causes many to disengage and get off task. Use opportunities for learners to reflect what they learned as individuals and then share with the group as a whole.

Personalization. This is so important. You want the content to matter to the individual that is to learn it. Consider the learning styles of all stakeholders. Consider their backgrounds. Are they usually in the field? Are they more data-driven? Are there hand-on learners? All of these consideration should translate into effective trainings with improved feedback. Microlearning is not going anywhere. As increased demands in organizations continue with awareness and need, organizations must be prepared to meet the moment with relevant learning content.

If you need assistance, we can help. Please do not hesitate to book a consultations to discuss your goals and needs.

Paula Johnson Hutchinson, MA.Ed./AET

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