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Getting Teams Prepared to Be in the Office Again


Organizations have been great about providing resources for their employees during this unprecedented time. Many have hotlines, newletters and therapists that are focused around their teams. Quite often, the services are extended to their immediate family members within the household. But what happens when everyone returns to work after their own personal experiences ?

As good as many HR teams are , it is difficult to prepare for certain triggers and nuances that team memes have never discussed. More often than not , certain scenarios are not in the handbook. This issue then falls under team etiquette and rapport. It is important during this time of the “return” that leaders and upper management exhibit grace, empower their teams and truly participate in feedback channels that bolster positive rapport. One cannot bark orders and then send staff to the therapist. It’s double-minded and in some cases , inconsistent with the standards companies are built on.

As teams prepare to return , incorporate team exercises that help them acquaint with team members again. Teams should also consider outside consultants as neutral parties to empower everyone and remind them of their “why.” Why is a word that helps us to push through and identify ways to overcome physical or mental obstacles. If your company hasn’t considered preparations for teams returning into the office , the upcoming summer months are a great time to prepare staff mentally for big goals moving forward. Businesses thrive when they hold their teams in high regard.

Consider what you’ve read and contact to schedule a training for your staff. Looking forward to building strong teams and culture.


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