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Invest In Those That Stay With Professional Development

We have all heard of The Great Resignation. It has been an acknowledged phenomenon that has been one of the outcomes during the pandemic. While this works for some, there are still lots of people who are satisfied with their work environment and hope to remain. They see value in their jobs but if the focus remains on those that left, where does that leave those who stayed? Below are some tips.

  • Encouragement. Whether the encouragement comes internally or externally, it is important to encourage those who stay and are willing to be a part of changes that provide improvement. Remember that your encouragement has the ability to impact your team in a positive or negative way.

  • Respect. It's not just a song but an action that has high value. See your team for the skills they have and respect the fact they are good at what they do. Inquire about their goals so that management may identify those that may be internal candidates for promotion or raises.

  • Focus. Continued development requires focus on all levels. When all team members buy into focus, they are buying into production. They are buying into possibility. They are willing to remain and develop to see what comes from that focus.

  • Development. A team is constantly learning in the workplace and out of it. The ability to develop a team member into someone who has the increased capacity to learn is imperative given the new era. If your organization does not have a set transformational leadership training program, get one or outsource.

If your organization needs to review, revise, or renew team strategies, please contact us to connect. The PH Factor Consulting Firm LLC is committed to creating strong teams and culture.

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