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Leaderships Needs Continued Training

I have the pleasure of working with teams and their leaders. Leaders are responsible for the development of teams to ensure their values and missions are at the forefront. What I have learned is that leaders burn out in their attempts to pour from bottomless wells that are fictitious.

Leaders must believe what they are saying. They must communicate with clarity and conviction. They must understand initial pushback and meet it with affirmative answers. How can they continue to pour so much into others without being filled?

The answer is they can't. Emptiness breeds bitterness and poor communication. The biggest issue is becoming burned out and becoming functionally dysfunctional. Many are operating on fumes and charged with empowering teams. The mere possibility of double minded leaders is counterproductive.

Having fresh voices and perspectives can be an important game changer. Leaders should look for opportunities to be filled with core values and principles that will guide them in their leadership roles.

The PH Factor Consulting Firm is committed to educational experiences that support leader so they may guide team members. Learning is a lifelong commitment and we are committed to creating and developing strong teams and leadership. Please go to our site to fill out our contact form.


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