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On the Outside Looking In

At The PH Factor Consulting Firm, we are constantly seeking ways to provide support to companies through team training. Recently, we watched a snippet of The Tamron Hall Show. She had guests on who made the decision to quit their jobs. Many feel that "positive work culture" rhetoric will cut it. Combine a pandemic, volatile politics, and unsure futures... equals individuals experiencing their own awareness regarding life.

Summer 2021 will forever be known as the season of The Great Resignation. Many have chosen to forego the safety of job security for a path that aligns more with their current personal values. Exactly what do people value? That is a simple answer... they value people that value them.

Just because a company is providing therapy and other mental health tools doesn't mean they feel a company values them. In fact, they may become more disgruntled if they gained a heightened awareness that their company just wants them to perform and that the therapy is just to appease them. What teams look for is empowerment. They look for rapid skills. They look for opportunities to apply what they are learning. If companies want to continue to have the best out there, it is important for their employees to understand that they are doing life with them by learning with them instead of talking at them.

This is where we come in. We are on the outside. We have a larger scope to view an entire company and team. We then provide educational tools that will support the moment that we are in , not the past. Supported teams work better, period. Let's work together to support team members with a related educational plan to get them through these unprecedented times. Please be sure to submit a form so we can have that discussion. Your team will thank for caring through retention and production.

Video source: Tamron Hall Show (copyright 2021). Retrieved from

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