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Remember that Predictive Index is a Two-Way Street

Human resource departments all over are combing through resumes, scheduling interviews, and seeking to fill positions that are vacant. But what about the people that are already working for companies? How are they feeling about work at this moment ?You may be able to answer that question from the information you already have.

Many companies use personality tests and predictive index to identify their ideal employee. Those tests provide insight to a person's strengths and weaknesses. They may also tell how a person deals with challenges...such as a pandemic and volatile political climate combined with a dash of uncertainty.

Regardless of one's personality, everyone has indicators they have reached a point of filled capacity regarding certain situations. For example, my DISC assessment indicates I have a dominate personality. I value time (100% accurate). I do not like when my time is wasted or unappreciated. My ideal environment is one free of micromanaging and future focused. Because I know this about myself, I am better equipped to manage my emotions, production and clarify my boundaries.

If your HR has not reviewed the assessment of employees that have left or shown uncharacteristic behavior lately, it may warrant a review. Maybe they grew tired of a micromanaging style. Maybe they were criticized repeatedly for their method of results but not praised for acquiring the results within company standards. Maybe their current salary isn't consistent with the value a person brings to the table. Take the time to revisit those tests and encourage team member strengths. Schedule training and learn with your team instead of sending out emails that blanket over everyone's personality. Bring in neutral parties to work on development for weaknesses, including your recruiters. When everyone has a better understanding of one another, it is easier to work together ... especially in the times we are currently in. Use the tools you have to strengthen and empower your teams.

Paula Hutchinson

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