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Working From Home Takes Discipline

Many companies have added cloud based applications to create a more "team feel" within organizations. While this may provide support, one main ingredient that must be constantly developed is DISCIPLINE. This may not be your team's favorite word but the right training may help them to embrace the concept better while working remotely.

When most think of discipline, they think of something rigid like training. While it is the first definition of the word, the second meaning is more about the word "regimen". Regimen refers more to an ongoing development rather than a strict rule. Our personal trainers use it all the time. It is important to that teams have the support they need to adjust in this unprecedented space we are in .

Establishing a regimen helps teams by engaging them in interactive tasks that keep their focus on production. It is easier to help those that need the structure to feel encouraged rather than pushed to follow along. A regimen allows opportunities to set milestones and celebrate the success of those that can maintain the routine. Regimens can aid in saving a resource that benefits everyone...TIME. Lost time is money and unproductive. In addition, ongoing training in this area helps organizations maintain a positive work culture by providing real-world tools to help their teams be successful. The PH Factor Consulting Firm is available to help empower your teams with a proven regimen (discipline) that will assist team members in their productivity while working remotely. Contact us via email at

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