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Strategic L & D Planning for 2023

Summer is here! This means we are at the halfway point of the year and assessing our trainings for the upcoming year. While many are used to being trained online, it may still be an ongoing challenge to maintain engagement for professional development when classes are on demand. Here are a few suggestions for maintaining, improving, or reimaging learning & development.

  • Tools- The LMS systems used for your company's ongoing PD should be accessible on desktops and mobile devices. If you have people in the field, they may not have adequate access to a desktop only version of learning tools. the absence of such may cause them to disengage or use the common excuse of "I work in the field." Using LMS products that offer these opportunities provide better opportunities of participation and engagement.

  • Assess- By now, most have implemented feedback surveys to gain data on how learners feel about their trainings or learning tools. It is up to L&D teams to go through that data and be honest about what is working and what is not. One cannot be so consumed with ''sticking to the plan" that you miss the assignment. We are always tasked with creating and providing educational support for organizations. We cannot do that effectively when we interject our own bias into the equation. See the data for what it is and make adjustments where necessary.

  • Present a Winning Model for Team Success- Your trainings should ignite fires, provide clarity , give support and meet the moment of the people receiving the trainings, to name a few. this means understanding the budgets we work with, going to conventions to learn trends and researching solutions that our teams may grow continuously. When we slack, teams suffer and it may set in motion a blame game rather than a solution oriented approach.

More than ever, teams are depending on your expertise. We must commit to the end result of supporting, educating and improving. Do the work early in the year to give your teams relevant learning content to do their jobs well. If you would like to have a conversation, get an assessment or any other services from us, please go to the following tab :

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