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Team Building Right Now

Team building is an ever-evolving space. Experiences on the team shape our goals and test our skills. What is also important to remember is that experiences outside of an organization shape team members and their ability to perform as well.

In 2020, many teams started out in person only to end up working together virtually. That indirect connection combined with kids at at home , schedule disruptions and cancelled travel plans, many are less than enthusiastic about performance goals. Team meetings via virtual chat spaces have increased to the point of mental overload and working out of the office has formed imaginative but real safe spaces of working partly in pajamas. In short, the temporary feels permanent.

Team disconnection and misfires can be common but the key right now are neutral voices showing teams how to reconnect. Teams need to vent. And while many have personal development staff, even they need the opportunity to be empowered. Remember, everyone is processing 2020 and thinking of what the future looks like. Counseling for teams can help to reestablish rapport and allow management to have a better understanding of staff fears to create realistic return to brick and mortar plans. Contact us to schedule a team building class.

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