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Team Preparation Matters

As we are all aware, we are living through one of the most pivotal times in history. How we choose to respond will set a precedence for those to come behind us. We are having to be innovative and resourceful while working on shared and/or individual goals.

Teams should not be expected to "show up" and perform as usual. Everyone has experiences that they discuss and those that are private. The pandemic has caused many of us to create and enforce boundaries that maintain our sanity and enhance our ability to produce.

Recently, The PH Factor Consulting Firm had a chance to facilitate a team building class for the Phoenix Chapter of Urban League Young Professionals. Led by their President, Ashlee Atkins, the dynamic change makers spent a day learning about meeting etiquette, troubleshooting conflict and expectations. Their executive board showed up ready to learn how to empower their committees and members. This is what leadership looks like in our new normal. We must learn, create, and actively listen to one another. Doing so will help to ensure a team's mission and vision are carried forth.

As many prepare to head back in-person, it is imperative to empower teams with real world tools to succeed. Please contact us so that we may help your team get prepared to work together in our ever changing environment. We have the ability to create instructional designs around specific needs and our trainings can be done virtually as well as in person. Leadership and teams get things done with equipped and educated members.

Owner of The PH Factor Consulting Firm Paula Hutchinson with Ashlee Atkins, President of Phoenix ULYP.

To book a class, click HERE

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